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Trae Young Net Worth 2023: Salary, Source of Income, Brand Endorsement, Car Collection, and More

Trae Young is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA. His skills on the pitch have earned him a fortune in the millions. He leads a lavish life and likes to spend his money on cars and vacations. Many NBA fans continue to wonder Trae Young net worth 2023. Despite his wealth, Trae Young is considered a down-to-earth superstar.

In this blog post, we take a look at Trae Young’s net worth in 2023 and how he makes his money. We will also explore his lifestyle, car collection and other interesting details.

Trae Young Fortune

nickname “Ice Milking” Young is one of the most talented basketball players in the world. It’s clear he earns impressive amounts of money from his activities on and off the pitch. According to internet reports, Trae Young’s net worth is around $20 million.

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Let’s see Trae Young’s Brief Biography in the table below.

Full name Rayford Trae Young
birth date 19e Sep 1998
Profession basketball player
homeland United States of America
source of income Professional basketball, investments, brand and product promotion
Current team Atlanta Hawks
player career 2018 to present

Who is Trae Young?

Trae Young is an American professional basketball player. Despite his young age, he is already an elite player in the NBA. He was born on September 19, 1998 in Norman, Oklahoma. He currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks. Because of his incredible talent, many pundits are claiming he is the next big thing in basketball.

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Young has the unique record of being the only player to lead the NCAA in points and assists in a session. He is also a two-time NBA All-Star.

Trae Young Salary 2023

There’s no doubt that Trae Young’s salary is a hot topic right now. He’s an NBA rookie and makes a lot of money. Some people feel it’s overpaid while others feel it’s worth every penny.

He is currently in the middle of his rookie contract with the Atlanta Hawks, which he signed in 2018. According to this contract, his salary per session is as follows.

  • Trae Young Salary 2020-21 – $6,571,800
  • Trae Young Salary 2021-22 – $8,326,471

Trae Young has reportedly signed a maximum contract extension in 2021 of $215 million. The agreement begins in the 2022-2023 session. So, it can be said that Trae Young’s median salary in 2023 is $43 million.

Trae Young Trademark Permission

Trae Young is a serious businessman when he’s not playing basketball. It also earns a handsome sum through brand promotion. He recently signed a $1.8 million deal with Adidas to promote their shoes and accessories. Check out other richest NBA players

To celebrate Trae Young’s success, Adidas released a signature shoe in collaboration with him. Trae Young supports not only Adidas but also many other popular brands including Tissot, Fortnite, Bodyarmor, eBay, Old Spice, Lens, NBA2K, Fortnite, etc.

youth and career

Trae Young is the son of Ray and Candice Young. Her father was a University of Oklahoma basketball player and her mother was a track and field athlete. Trae started playing basketball at a very young age. Even during his studies he was one of the best players in the country.

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After high school, Trae decided to attend the University of Oklahoma. As a freshman, he led the NCAA with an average of 27.4 points per game. He was selected as the fifth overall pick by the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA draft. He is currently in his rookie season with the Hawks.

Trae Young Girlfriend, Family and Personal Life

We all know that Trae Young is one of the most talked about players in the NBA right now. Fans and media are still looking for more about his personal life. Below is some useful information for them.

  • Trae, young friend – The woman who owns Trae Young’s heart is his girlfriend Shelby Miller. She and Trae met when he was in college in Oklahoma. Shelby was a student at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Parents – Her parents are Ray and Candace Young. They are very supportive of him and his career.
  • Son – Young’s fiancee Shelby Miller gave birth to a boy in June 2022.

Trae Young’s personal stats

Let’s take a look at various pieces of personal information about Trae Young that are available on the internet.

Old 24 years
religion Christian
Trae Young size 6 feet 1 inch
lester 164 pounds (74 kg)
Trae Young’s brother Timothy Young
relationship status Committed
trademark approval Tissot, Fortnite, eBay, Old Spice, Lens, Bodyarmor, NBA2K, Fortnite etc.
University Oklahoma
position top guard
league NBA
Secondary school Norman North (Norman, Oklahoma)

investment and charity

Trae Young is an investor in Overtime (sports broadcasting network), Hyperice and StarStock. In addition, he is also known for his charity work. Trae Young and his family established the Trae Young Family Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support people in the fight against mental illness and cyberbullying. Check out the richest soccer players too

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Trae Young House

In 2019, Trae Young bought a $1.5 million mansion. It is an impressive building with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a huge kitchen. There is also a large swimming pool with a cool slide. He showed a preview of his new villa on his social media.

Trae Young car collection

Trae Young’s car collection is impressive to say the least. Let’s take a look at the beauties it possesses.

  • Audi R8 V10 in matt black
  • McLaren 720S in the color Oynx Black
  • Lamborghini Aventador in matte black

frequently asked Questions

What is the biggest achievement of Trae Young’s basketball career?

He was a member of the United States national team that won a gold medal at the 2016 FIBA ​​Americas U-18 Championship.

How much does Trae Young make from brand promotion?

He makes around $3 million from brand endorsements.

What car does Trae Young own?

Trae Young has a collection of cars including Audi R8 V10, McLaren 720S and Lamborghini Aventador.

Is Trae Young Married?

He is currently not married. But he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Shelby Miller

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