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Sourav Joshi Net Worth [Income in 2023]- The Rise of a YouTube Star from Scratch

Sourav Joshi made his mark among India’s top vloggers from a young age. Coming from a middle-class family living off his father’s income alone, Joshi has made a name for himself as one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the country. He started posting videos when he was only in 12th gradee and quickly began to gain popularity. When the pandemic hit, his popularity skyrocketed, making him one of the fastest growing YouTubers in India. Find out more details like Sourav Joshi Net Worth in 2023, personal life, vlogger career, famous songs, car and bike collection and much more in this article.

Sourav Joshi’s net worth in 2023 and source of income

In 2023, Sourav Joshi’s net worth is around $3 million or 24 crore in Indian rupees. He had achieved this amazing fortune through the vlogs and videos he uploads to his YouTube channel. In addition, Joshi earns a decent income from his Instagram account, which now has over 4 million followers.

Surname Surav Joshi
Profession YouTubers, vloggers
Net Worth in Rupees (as of 2023) Rs. 24 crore
Net Assets in USD 3 million dollars

who is Surav Joshi?

Sourav Joshi was born on September 8, 2000 in Haldwani, Uttarakhand to Hema and Harish Joshi. Her father works as a carpenter while her mother is a housewife. He has two brothers named Sahil and Piyush Joshi.

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Sourav Joshi is said to be dating his childhood friend Priya Dhapa. Dhapa has even appeared in many song videos alongside Joshi. However, no confirmed details about their relationship have been released.

Full name Surav Joshi
Profession YouTubers, vloggers
active years 2019 – today
Old Born September 8, 2000
Gender Masculine
Place of birth Haldwani, Uttarakhand
Training Bachelor of Fine Arts
Marital status Bachelor
Parents Hema Joshi (mother) Harish Joshi (father)
nationality Indian
Height 1.65 m
Star sign Virgo

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Career highlights of Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi’s career started when he started uploading videos of his sketches to YouTube. His channel called Sourav Joshi Arts caught viewers’ attention and soon gained enough subscribers to earn Joshi the YouTube Silver Play button. After the success of his first channel, Joshi started another channel called Sourav Joshi Vlogs which became very popular again and became one of the most successful channels in India. In her first video, Joshi released a tutorial titled How I Draw Mrs. Dhoni. He later started posting videos of his hometown in Uttarakhand, showing its beauty, landscapes and popular places. However, he got his real fame during the Corona lockdown when he uploaded 365 videos for 365 days. In addition to videos and vlogs, Joshi has also appeared in numerous music videos.

Sourav Joshi in controversy

Joshi got into controversy in 2022 when a vlogger named “Gora Vlogger” posted a video on his channel of him waiting outside his house to meet Joshi but not picking him up. After that incident, fellow YouTuber Neon Man posted a video on his channel accusing Sourav of being rude to his followers. However, according to Sourav, this was all part of Neon Man’s plan to defame him by only providing one side of the story. To which Neon Man Sourav replied that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and was just trying to do his job. Sourav later deleted the comment. However, following his comment, another vlogger, Manoj Dey, also commented on the post, saying that Sourav has a great attitude. In his comment, he wrote that Sourav once blocked him for posting a hate video about his brother Piyush instead of simply asking him to remove it.

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Popular songs by Sourav Joshi

Check out some of the popular songs featuring Sourav Joshi that have garnered millions of views on YouTube. He uploads all his songs on his Sourav Joshi Vlogs channel and also on another channel called Voilà! digit. In addition, his songs can also be found on other music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.

  1. Jhoota Lagda
  2. mauja
  3. Manzoore-Nazar
  4. cocktail
  5. assassin
  6. skylight
  7. Goal
  8. Summer
  9. IX
  10. Hona Hello Nahi
  11. Bhai mere bhai
  12. Mujhe Pyaar Ho Gaya Hain
  13. Tera Ho Raha Hoon
  14. Shukriya
  15. Fati jeans

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Social media details (from 2023)

platform shortcut Fan Below
youtube 20.7 million ——
Instagram 4.1 million 195
Twitter 56 ten
Facebook 573K 0

Note: The number of subscribers and subscribers is subject to change.

Collection of cars and bikes

Sourav Joshi has amassed a fortune in a short amount of time and also has a collection of cars and bikes. A car enthusiast, Sourav currently owns a KTM bike as well as a Fortuner, an Innova and a Thar.

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frequently asked Questions

What is Sourav Joshi’s net worth in 2023?

Rs. 24 crores (estimate)

Why is Sourav Joshi the most famous?

Sourav Joshi is known for his YouTube videos and has even appeared in many hit songs.

Is Sourav Joshi the best vlogger in India?

Sourav Joshi is undoubtedly one of India’s top vloggers with over 20 million YouTube subscribers as of 2023.

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