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Sargam Koushal (Mrs World 2022): Age, Net Worth, Biography, Husband, Child

Sargam Koushal made headlines and made history after becoming the second Indian woman to win the Mrs World title in 2022. She was crowned with the title of Mrs World 2022 when she represented India at the Las Vegas beauty pageant. Sargam brought the Mrs. World trophy to India after a 21-year absence when Aditi Govitrikar was crowned in 2001. The 32-year-old Koushal prevailed against competitors from 63 countries and took the title.

Aditi Govitrikar became the first Indian woman to win the Ms. World title for India in 2001 and after a long wait of 21 years, Sargam did it again. After being crowned Miss Universe last year, Harnaaz Sandhu took the crown to India after a 21-year hiatus, followed by Koushal just a year later. She dreams of becoming successful actress.

As for Sargam Koushal’s net worth in 2023, it’s around Rs. 3-4 crore. You can read more details about Sargam Koushal like Net Worth, Biography, Interesting Facts and more in this article.

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Journey to Mrs World 2022

Always inclined, Sargam realized her great passion for modeling after her marriage. Sargam had always dreamed of achieving this goal since childhood, but had certain misgivings at a young age. Finally, after her marriage, she was encouraged by her parents and husband to continue on her path towards realizing her dream. Sargam also worked very hard on her dream and has always had confidence since she was a child. She finally entered the Mrs India competition in June 2022, where she defeated 50 other contestants to win the title and a place in the Mrs World 2022 competition.

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In December 2022, Sargam participated in the Mrs World 2022 competition in Las Vegas, USA. In the final on December 17, she was crowned the winner of the competition, bringing the title back to India after a 21-year losing streak.

Who is Sargam Koushal?

Sargam Koushal was born on September 17, 1990 in Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir to Reema Khajuria and GS Kaushal. Her father is the retired CEO of Bank of India while her mother is a homemaker. She was educated in Jammu and also holds a postgraduate degree in English Literature from Jammu University. After graduating, Sargam did her B.Ed at Government B.Ed College Jammu and started working as a teacher. She had a younger brother named Manthan Koushal who is seven years her junior.

After starting out as a teacher, Sargam soon decided to step into the glamor world and became a model. In addition to being a teacher and model, Koushal is also a painter and content writer.

Sargam Koushal husband and children

Sargam met her future husband Aditya Manohar Sharma in 2015 and after three years of dating, they married in 2018. Aditya or “Adi” as Sargam calls her, is an officer in the Indian Navy and a strong supporter, supporting her on her journey to Ms. World 2022. Although originally from Jammu, Sargam resides in Mumbai with her husband. It was only after her marriage to Aditya that Sargam began entering beauty pageants. Currently, Sargam and Aditya have no children.

Sargame Kushal biography

Full name Sargame Kushal
Profession teacher, model
Age of Sargam Kushal 32 years old
Gender Women
birth date September 17, 1990
Marital status Married
Mrs world 2022 husband Aditya ‘Adi’ Manohar Sharma
Children of Sargam Koushal 0
nationality Indian
hometown jammu
Height of Sargam Kushal 172cm
Weight of Sargam Koushal 60 kilograms
eye color Brown
Parents of Sargam Koushal Reema Khajuria (mother) GS Kaushal (father)

Lesser known facts about Sargam Kushal

Sargam Koushal made history by returning the Mrs. World trophy to India after 21 years. Before her, Aditi Govitrikar was the only Indian woman to win this title. Many celebrities including Govitrikar, Soha Ali Khan and others have congratulated Sargam on the historic victory. Here are some fun facts about Mrs World 2022 that you probably didn’t know.

  • Before becoming Ms World 2022, Sargam Koushal was named Ms India World 2022 in June 2022.
  • Sargam worked as a teacher before pursuing her modeling career.
  • She grew up in Jammu and lived with her husband in Mumbai.
  • Shortly after her marriage, Sargam realized her passion and decided to enter beauty pageants.
  • Sargam has also worked to support children with cancer.
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frequently asked Questions

Who is Sargam Koushal’s husband?

Aditya Manohar Sharma

Where is Sargam Koushal from?

Jammu and Kashmir

Why is Sargam Koushal famous?

Sargam Koushal recently rose to fame after winning the 2022 Mrs. World crown

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