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Luka Doncic Net Worth 2023: Biography, Age, Salary, Family

Luka Doncic is a professional basketball player from Slovenia who currently plays in the national basketball league for the Dallas Mavericks. Luka also plays for his Slovenia national team and has been a star player since he was young. He began his career in the youth academy of Spanish club Real Madrid and was selected to the 2018 NBA draft at the age of just 19.

Luka currently made headlines for putting on a show during the Christmas game where he played against his idol LeBron James. At the Christmas party, the Dallas Mavericks met the Los Angeles Lakers in the second game of the NBA Christmas season. Thanks to Doncic, the Mavericks recorded a 124-115 win over the Lakers. Doncic made headlines with his near-triple-double performance of 32 points, nine rebounds and nine assists. Let’s check out some more fascinating details about the rising star like Luka Doncic Net Worth 2023, salary, endorsements, personal and professional life etc.

Luka Doncic net worth as of 2023

Doncic signed a 5-year, $207 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks, which would have seen him earn an estimated $10,174,391 in his rookie years and would have made $35,700,000 in the 2022 season. -23. In addition to the basketball salary, Luka has a multi-year sponsorship deal with Air Jordan. Doncic was also the cover athlete of NBA 2K22, the 23rd installment in the NBA 2K video game series, and has had contracts with Panini, BioSteel, and WME Sports. His Panini National Treasures basketball card sold for $4.6 million in 2021.

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Surname Luka Doncic
Profession basketball player
position Leader
Net Worth (2023) $25 million (estimated)
Average Annual Salary (2023) $43,031,940 (approx)

Personal biography of Luka Doncic

Doncic was born on February 28, 1999 in Ljubljana, Slovenia to Mirjam Poterbin and Saša Doncic. His mother owned a number of beauty salons while his father was a basketball coach and former player. His parents filed for divorce in 2008 and custody and legal guardianship of Luca went to his mother. Doncic grew up admiring American basketball player LeBron James and his idol is Greek basketball player Vassilis Spanoulis. Doncic can speak four languages ​​including English, Slovenian, Serbian and Spanish.

Full name Luka Doncic
Profession basketball player
position Leader
league NBA
active years 2015-present
Current team Dallas Mavericks
Height 2.01m
lester 104 kilograms
Old 23 years
Gender Masculine
birth date February 28, 1999
Marital status Bachelor
Together N / A
nationality Slovenian
Parents Mirjam Poterbin (mother) Saša Doncic (father)

Professional career of Luka Doncic

Real Madrid (2015-2018)

Luca made his professional basketball debut with Real Madrid, becoming the youngest player to play for them in the ACB (16 years, two months and two days) and the third youngest debutant in league history. After playing five games in the 2014–15 ACB season, Doncic became a regular member of Real Madrid’s senior team for the 2015–16 season. However, he rose to prominence in the 2016–17 season when he became the inaugural ACB Player of the Week honor and MVP of the round and was named a EuroLeague Rising Star.

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Dallas Mavericks (2018–present)

Doncic was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the third overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, but was traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Trae Young. He played for the Mavericks and became the youngest 20-point scorer in franchise history and the youngest NBA player to hit seven three-pointers in a game. His achievements didn’t stop there, however, and he became the first teenager in NBA history with a 30-point triple-double and multiple triple-doubles. Doncic also received the NBA Rookie of the Year award with the Mavericks.

Luka Doncic’s NBA Achievements

In what can only be described as a short career, Doncic has already achieved NBA success that rivals legends like Magic Johnson and LeBron James. Let’s take a look at some of his greatest achievements.

  • First teenager in NBA history to have four triple-doubles in his career
  • Most triple-doubles with 22 in just 122 NBA games
  • Most triple-doubles in a season (17) before age 22 (2019–20 season)
  • Youngest player in NBA history to lead the league in triple-doubles (21 years, 168 days)
  • Twenty consecutive games with at least 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists
  • First player since Tim Duncan to be named to the All-NBA First Team in a player’s first or second season
  • Second fewest games played with 35 career triple-doubles (190)
  • 3rd fewest games played to reach 4,000 career points

Contact information for Luka Doncic

NBA profile


What is Luka Doncic’s net worth in 2023?

25 million dollars

How much does Luca earn per year?

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$43,031,940 (approx)

Why does Luka wear the number 77?

In honor of one of his idols, Greek professional basketball player Vassilis Spanoulis, who wore shirt number 7 himself.

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