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LeBron James Net Worth 2023: Biography, Salary & Endorsement

LeBron James recently became the first active NBA player to surpass the billion mark in his net worth. James’ pro basketball career began after he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 and he hasn’t looked back since. Born to a 16-year-old single mother, LeBron went on to become one of basketball’s richest players. James has been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2018 and his contract with the team has been extended by two years. LeBron signed the two-year, $97.1 million contract extension that includes a player option for 2024-25. Aside from basketball, James also has a keen business acumen and has been involved with the brands he works with. LeBron James 2023 net worth is around $1 billion.

LeBron James net worth 2023

LeBron James is the list of 12 new sports billionaires in 2023 published by Forbes.

Surname James Lebron
Profession basketball player
position small front
Net Worth (2023) 1 billion dollars
total income in the last year $529 million (estimate)

Salary and Benefit Offers

During his 19-year career, LeBron James earned $387.3 million. He also signed a new two-year, $97 million extension with his current team, the Lakers, which will see him earn $141 million over the next three years. In addition to his NBA salary, LeBron has earned around $90 million through endorsements such as Walmart, Intel, Kia, and others. James also has a longtime sponsor at Beats by Dre and a seven-year, $93 million deal with Nike, which he signed straight out of high school. His contract with Nike was extended until the end of his life in 2015.

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James also makes a lot of money from his Instagram, around $428,000 per sponsored Instagram post. He is also a spokesperson for Blaze Pizza and has an arrangement with competitor PepsiCo and its Mountain Dew brand. James also has a stake in Liverpool FC.

James Lebron biography

James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio to Gloria Marie James and Anthony McClelland. Her mother was only 16 when she was born and her father has a long criminal record and had nothing to do with her life. When he was young, James had to move a lot as his mother struggled to find work. He later moved to a local youth football coach who introduced James to basketball at the age of nine.

James married his high school sweetheart Savannah James in 2013, and together the couple have three children — two sons and a daughter.

Full name LeBron Raymone James Sr.
Profession basketball player
position small front
active years 2003 – today
Old 38 years old
Gender Masculine
birth date December 30, 1984
Marital status Married
Together Savannah James (2013–present)
Number of Children 3
nationality American
league national basketball federation
Current team Los Angeles Lakers
Height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
lester 250 pounds (113 kg)
Parents Gloria Marie James (Mother) Anthony McClelland (Father)

LeBron James career history

Cleveland Cavaliers (2003–2010)

LeBron James’ professional basketball career began when he was drafted by his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in 2003. James set an NBA record with 25 points in his freshman season. As the end of the season neared, James became the first Cavalier to receive NBA Rookie of the Year honors. He was selected to an NBA All-Star Game for the first time in his sophomore season and was named the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player in his third season.

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Miami Heat (2010-2014)

After his contract with the Cavaliers ended in 2021, James became an unrestricted free agent and signed with the Miami Heat after several teams responded. However, his decision was not well received by fans, critics and even well-known basketball players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson also criticized James. Still, James won his third and fourth MVP awards with the Heat. In 2014, James resigned from his contract with the Heat and officially became an unrestricted free agent.

Los Angeles Lakers (2018–present)

James’ charismatic performance continued with the Lakers, and he set multiple records with the team. During his tenure with the Lakers, James became the second-oldest player in league history to win the Finals MVP award, the second player in NBA history to have 40 points and no turnover at age 35 or older.

Forbes list & James Lebron

Before LeBron James was included in the Forbes Billionaires list, Forbes included him several times on the other reputable lists, including “30 Under 30”, “World’s Highest Paid Athlete” and “America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40”.

  • #2 Highest Paid Athlete in the World (2022)
  • 30 under 30 – Hall of Fame (2022)
  • #9 Celebrity 100 (2020)
  • 30 Under 30 – All Star Alumni (2017)
  • #39 Richest American Entrepreneur Under 40 (2016)
  • 30 Under 30 – Sports (2014)
  • 30 Under 30 – Entertainment (2011)

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What is LeBron James’ net worth in 2023?

1 billion dollars

Who is the highest paid NBA player in 2023?

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Stephen Curry ($92.8 million)

How many 3s has LeBron James made in his career so far?

LeBron James has fired 296 shots from downtown in his career.

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