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Larry Page Net Worth and Biography (Age, DOB, House and Cars )

Larry Page is an American billionaire entrepreneur who has a net worth of over $79.7 billion. But how did he get the huge income? How did he get rich? Let’s get all the answers from this article.

An American billionaire businessman, Larry Page is a co-founder of Google, which helps him become rich. Larry Page’s page ranking sets Google apart from all search engines and that is the main reason for its success. As a former CEO and co-founder of web giant Alphabet, which has many subsidiaries such as search engine Google, he also earned a large income. Larry co-founded Google with Sergey when they were undergraduates and graduating from Stanford.

In addition, Larry Page is the richest internet entrepreneur in history who has received a lot of recognition in his lifetime. Larry Page has received numerous recognitions from various professional organizations, including an Honorary MBA from IE Business School and the Maxim Foundation Award. Together with co-founder Sergey Brin, he is actively involved in various charitable causes. Let’s start briefly by discussing Larry Page’s Biography, Career and Net Worth in 2023.

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Larry Page Net Worth

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Larry Page net worth is worth $79.7 billion. Thanks to his roughly 6% stake in Alphabet, which not only helps him to become wealthy, but also to succeed. His foundation also controls more than $1 billion in assets donated by Larry Page. Over the years, Larry Page’s net worth has increased every year.

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Here is Larry Page’s net worth history over the past few years.

Net assets as of January 13, 2023 $79.7 billion
Net worth in 2022 $105 billion
Net worth in 2021 $92 billion
Net worth in 2020 $95 billion
Net worth in 2019 $90 billion

Biography of Larry Page

Real name Laurent Edouard Page
nickname Larry Page
Date and place of birth March 26, 1973, United States
nationality American
Height and width 5’11” and 74 kg
Together Lucinda Southworth
Number of Children 2
source of wealth Businessman, Entrepreneur, Internet Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist
net worth $79.7 billion

Early life of Larry Page

Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973 in Michigan. His father’s name is Carl Victor Page, who is described as a computer pioneer. He started playing with computers and making inventions. In 1975 Larry Page joined the Okemos Montessori school. He then enrolled at East Lansing High School in 1991. Larry Page then attended an arts camp called the Interlochen Arts Center. Larry Page earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Larry Page’s career

After graduating, Page enrolled in a computer science program at Stanford University. In 1955, Larry Page met Sergey Brin, a researcher working on the project. Larry Page and Sergey built their very first search engine called Backrub in 1996. Larry Page is also an investor in Tesla Motors, which has invested in renewable energy technologies, Google’s philanthropic arm, and other alternative energy investments.

He also ventured into Google hardware and founded Calico, an American biotechnology research and development company, in 2013. He and Brin earned an MBA from the IE Graduate School and an award from the Marconi Foundation. Larry Page and Brin were elected Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and he received a Prince Felipe Communications Award. Check out Jeff Bezos net worth

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Larry Page’s house and cars

Larry Page owns a 9,000-square-foot mansion in Palo Alto, United States, which he bought for nearly $7 million. There are six bedrooms and six bathrooms in this villa. It has many more properties in different areas. Larry Page has expensive cars like the Toyota Prius and the Tesla electric roadster.

The personal life of Larry Page

Larry Page married Lucinda Southworth in 2007 and they were married on Richard Branson’s private island. They welcomed their two children and enjoyed their lives. Larry Page and his family moved to Fiji where they bought almost an entire private island.

last words

It is clear that with hard work and effort, a person can achieve anything and achieve success. There is nothing impossible in this world. Larry Page is the best example in the world who not only succeeded but also became a billionaire in less time. His skills and dedication are the main reason for his popularity and success.


What is Larry Page’s net worth? at the moment?

Currently Larry Page’s net worth is about 79.7 billion US dollars in 2023.

How old is Larry Page now?

49 years.

What is Larry Page’s annual income?

Annual earnings of Larry Page is over 8 billion US dollars.

How much does Larry Page make per month?

Larry Page makes over $1 billion a month.

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