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Katie Hobbs Net Worth 2023: Who is Katie Hobbs, Biography, Age, Children, Family, Early Life, Political Career

Katie Hobbs burst into the limelight when she defeated Republican Kari Lake in the Arizona gubernatorial race. Who is Katie Hobbs and what is her net worth in 2023?

Katie Hobbs, born Kathleen Marie Hobbs, is a prominent American social worker and Democratic Party politician. In the Arizona gubernatorial election, she received 12,76,937 votes to her opponent Kari Lake’s 12,59,688 votes.

Governor Katie Hobbs

She is currently Secretary of State for Arizona and will assume her duties as Arizona’s new governor effective January 2, 2023. She also served as State Representative for Arizona’s 15th Legislative District from 2011 to 2013 and as a State Senator for Arizona’s 24th Legislative District from 2013 to 2019.

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After winning Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election, she became Arizona’s fifth female governor. Speaking about Katie Hobbs net worth in 2023, it is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Katie Hobbs Net Worth 2023

Full name Kathleen-Marie Hobbs
popular as Katie Hobbs
nationality American
Profession Politician
Celebrate Democratic Party
Net worth of Katie Hobbs Estimate: $1.5 million
Katie Hobbs’ base salary $24,000/year

Biography of Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs was born on December 28, 1969 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Her birth name is Kathleen Marie Hobbs.

She graduated from Seton Catholic High School in Chandler, Arizona in 1988 and earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Northern Arizona University in 1992 and a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University in 1995.

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Katie Hobbs is a twin sister and her twin sister is a triathlete and also works as a teacher.

Surname Katie Hobbs
Full name Kathleen-Marie Hobbs
born on December 28, 1969
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona, United States
nationality American
Katie Hobbs’ father’s name Information not available
Katie Hobbs’ mother’s name Information not available
Marital status Married
Katie Hobbs’ husband’s name Patrick Bonman
Number of Children 2
Training Graduated from Seton Catholic High School, Bachelor of Social Work, Northern Arizona University, Master of Social Work, Arizona State University
Age of Katie Hobbs 53 years
Net worth of Katie Hobbs Estimate: $1.5 million

Personal Life of Katie Hobbs: Katie Hobbs is Catholic. Her husband’s name is Patrick Goodman and he is a child therapist. They have two children – a daughter and a son. Her daughter is 20 and her son is 23.

She is also an adjunct faculty member at Paradise Valley Community College and a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Katie Hobbs family: She is married to child therapist Patrick Goodman and has two children, a son and a daughter. There is no information about his parents.

Katie HobbsParents: This information is not yet available.

Katie Hobb’s siblings: Her twin sister works as a teacher.

Animals by Katie Hobbs: She has three cats and a dog.

Katie Hobbs Husband Name: Her husband’s name is Patrick Goodman and he is a child therapist. Both live in Phoenix with their children and pets.

Katie Hobbs Awards: She has also won numerous awards for her services. She has been listed as one of Arizona’s 48 Most Fascinating Women (2022), Emily’s list of AFL-CIO Advocates for Democracy (2022), and Public Official of the Year (2019).

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Katie Hobbs political career

She showed her interest in politics when she was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010.

Later in 2012, she served as minority leader after being elected to the Arizona Senate.

On March 8, 2017, she faced Republican nominee Steve Gaynor and won by a margin of 20,000 votes.

Hoobs announced her candidacy for the 2022 gubernatorial election in October 2020 and the result is now in – she defeated Kari Lake and will take office as the new governor of the state of Arizona on January 2, 2023.

Since Katie Hobbs will be the next Arizona state governor, you may want to know the list of Arizona state governors from 1863 to 2023. Take a look at it:

Governors of the State of Arizona Expression
George WP Hunt February 14, 1912 to January 1, 1917
Thomas Edward Campbell January 1, 1917 to December 25, 1917
George WP Hunt December 25, 1917 to January 6, 1919
Thomas Edward Campbell January 6, 1919 to January 1, 1923
George WP Hunt January 1, 1923 to January 7, 1929
John Calhoun Phillips January 7, 1929 to January 5, 1931
George WP Hunt January 5, 1931 to January 2, 1933
Benjamin Baker morale January 2, 1933 to January 4, 1937
Rawghlie Clement Stanford January 4, 1937 to January 2, 1939
Robert Taylor Jones January 2, 1939 to January 6, 1941
Sydney Preston Osborn January 6, 1941 to May 25, 1948
Dan Edward Garvey May 25, 1948 to January 1, 1951
John Howard Pyle January 1, 1951 to January 3, 1955
Ernest McFarland January 3, 1955 to January 5, 1959
Paul Fanin January 5, 1959 to January 4, 1965
Samuel Pearson Goddard Jr. January 4, 1965 to January 2, 1967
Jack Williams January 2, 1967 to January 6, 1975
Raul Hector Castro January 6, 1975 to October 20, 1977
Wesley Bolin October 20, 1977 to March 4, 1978
Bruce Babbitt March 4, 1978 to January 5, 1987
Evan Mecham January 5, 1987 to April 4, 1988
Rose Mofford April 4, 1988 to March 6, 1991
Symington Fife March 6, 1991 to September 5, 1997
Jane Dee Hull September 5, 1997 to January 6, 2003
Janet Napolitano January 6, 2003 to January 21, 2009
Jan Brewer January 21, 2009 to January 5, 2015
Doug Ducey January 5, 2015 to January 2, 2023
Katie Hobbs From January 2, 2023


What is Katie Hobbs’ net worth in 2023?

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Estimated to be around $1.5 million

How old is Katie Hobbs?

In 2023 she will be 52 years old.

Who is Katie Hobbs’ husband?

Patrick Bonman

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