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Justin Jones: Biography, Age, Parents, Protests, Arrests, and Restoration to House of Representatives

Justin Jones is a politician and activist who recently made headlines for being expelled and reinstated into the Tennessee House of Representatives. He was a member of the District 52 House representing portions of Nashville. Justin briefly served in the House of Representatives from January 10, 2023 to April 6, 2023. On April 6, he was expelled for taking part in a protest against gun control in the state capital. Republicans called his act of protest disorderly conduct and expelled Jones for these reasons. However, this caused quite a stir in the capital and the Nashville City Council voted to reinstate him in his seat on April 10, 2023.

Personal Biography of Justin Jones

Justin Jones was born on August 25, 1995 in Oakland, California to Christine Jones. No details are known about his father at this time. His mother enrolled in a nursing school to raise Justin and his sister. Jones holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fisk University and is currently enrolled at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Her mother is Filipino while her father was black American.

Full name Justin Shea Bautista Jones
Profession Politician
Political party Democratically
Active years (in office) January 10, 2023 – April 6, 2023
Old Born August 25, 1995
Gender Masculine
Place of birth Oakland, California, United States
Training Fisk University (BA)Vanderbilt University
Marital status Bachelor
nationality American
Parents Christine Jones (mother)
Siblings 1

Highlights of Justin’s political career

Justin Jones announced his candidacy for Tennessee’s 5th congressional district in 2019 for the United States House of Representatives. He ran against Jim Cooper in the 2020 election but was unable to submit enough valid signatures to vote.

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Jones ran again in 2022 to succeed State Representative Mike Stewart and became a member of the Tennessee House for the 52nd District. In the Democratic Party primary, Jones defeated Delishia Porterfield and won the general election unopposed.

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protests and arrests

As an activist, Jones took part in many protests and was even arrested for it. In October 2018, Jones refused to leave a rally organized by Marsha Blackburn and was subsequently arrested. Later in 2019, he was accused of assaulting a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Glen Casada. He is said to have thrown a drink in Glen’s face and was banned from the Capitol as a result. The charges were later dropped by Casada. That same year, Jones also lobbied to have a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest removed from the Tennessee State Capitol. Nathan Bedford was the first great magician of the Ku Klux Klan, a group of white, supremacist Americans who hate African Americans, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, etc.

After George Floyd was brutally murdered by a white police officer in May 2020, Jones staged a 62-day sit-in for racial justice outside the state capital. Jones was arrested again for this activity and faced 14 charges, all of which were later dropped.

In March 2023, Justin Jones, along with Rep. Gloria Johnson and Tennessee Justin J. Pearson, started a protest. The protest, directed against gun control reform, came after a mass shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School. As a result, two black protesters, Jones and Pearson, were removed from the committees. Johnson, who is white, was able to save himself in the vote and was not disfellowshipped.

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Reinstated in the Tennessee House of Representatives

Shortly after Representative Justin Jones retired from the House of Representatives, a majority of the Nashville Metropolitan Council met to reappoint him. Jones was expelled on April 6, 2023, and on April 10, the board enforced his reinstatement by voting unanimously to return Jones directly to the chamber.

After Jones was deported, there was an outcry and many condemned him, calling it an extraordinary act of political retaliation. Protesters rallied at the Tennessee State Capitol to support the three Democratic members and their expulsion has been called racist. Subsequently, the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County called a meeting to discuss a tentative appointment to the vacant seat. Jones was reinstated in his seat by a unanimous 36-0 majority and a special election will soon be held to select him for the seat.

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frequently asked Questions

Why was Justin Jones kicked out?

For taking part in a protest against gun control in the capital.

Who Expelled Rep. Justin Jones?

The Republican majority in the Tennessee House of Representatives ousted Justin Jones by a vote of 72 to 25.

Who were The Tennessee Three?

Three politicians who protested outside the capital for gun control reform, namely Jones, Johnson and Pearson, are known as “The Tennessee Three”.

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