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Iam Tongi (American Idol Winner): Biography, Age, Success Journey, Net Worth

Iam Tongi was announced as the winner of the American Idol finale, which premiered on May 21, 2023. The singer, who has amazed viewers and judges with every performance since his first audition, was the well-deserved winner of the show. After her win on the show, Tongi has already released her debut single which has been popular with people across the United States. From losing his father to winning American Idol, Tongi’s life journey was a real struggle, but he overcame all difficulties with great courage and strength. For more details about Iam Tongi like his personal life, journey with American Idol, net worth as of 2023 etc. keep reading this article.

I am Tongi and his net worth 2023

Iam Tongi rose to fame after winning season 21 of American Idol and taking the world by storm. His songs have already been released on multiple platforms where fans have listened to them in repeat mode. In just a brief streak of success, Tongi has amassed an amazing net worth of around $500,000. He is also very active on social media platforms which also bring the singer a decent income.

Surname i am tongi
Profession Singer
net worth $500,000 (estimate)

I am Tongi, personal biography

Iam Tongi was born on September 1, 2004 in Kahuku, Hawaii, USA to Lillie N. Rodney and Rodney Guy Tongi. I grew up surrounded by his beloved family of four siblings, his parents and himself. His family, especially his father, has always supported Iam to fulfill his dream of becoming a world famous singer. He finally achieves his dream by winning the final of the 21st seasonSt season of American Idol which recently premiered in May 2023. Unfortunately, his father, who passed away just days before his auditions began, couldn’t see him win America’s most acclaimed talent show.

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According to speculation, Tongi is not currently in a relationship with anyone and is enjoying his successful career that is just beginning. As of 2023, no concrete relationship information is available for Iam Tongi, but as soon as we have any news about the singer’s love life, we’ll update this article.

Full name Guillaume Tongi
nickname i am tongi
Profession Singer
Famous for Winner of American Idol Season 21 (2023)
Old Born September 1, 2004
Gender Masculine
Place of birth Kahuku, Hawaii, USA
Marital status Bachelor
nationality American
Parents Lillie N. Rodney Tongi (Mother) Rodney Guy Tongi (Father)
Siblings Cassandra Tongi and Jennifer Tongi (sisters) Lerod Tongi and Sitaleki Tongi (brothers)

I’m Tongi career and way to success

Tongi auditioned for American Idol season 21 with James Blunt’s song “Monsters,” which he dedicated to his late father. Her performance was acclaimed by viewers and judges alike and almost went viral on social media. Tongi even mentioned that his father was a musician himself and he was the one who inspired Iam to start making music.

Thanks to her talent and amazing voice, Tongi kept moving and reached the top 20, top 12, top 10, top 8 and top 5 contestants of the show. He has already started making highlights that have been praised by the judges and viewers. Tongi’s performance judging Lionel Richie’s song “Stuck on You” even earned him a standing ovation and a hug from Richie himself.

Tongi, along with Megan Danielle and Colin Stough, made the top 3 contestants where he faced Megan Danielle in the finals. In the finale, Tongi sang her song “I’ll See You,” sealing her fate as the show’s winner. Show host Ryan Seacrest announced Tongi as the winner after the show’s final commercial break and the other contestants ran onto the stage, spilled confetti, hugged Tongi and congratulated him on his spectacular performance and victory. After his successful victory, Tongi officially entered the world of music and entertainment, releasing his singles on various platforms.

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I’m Tongi on social media

youtube music
apple music

frequently asked Questions

What is Iam Tongi’s net worth in 2023?


When did Iam Tongi’s father die?

on December 28, 2021, at the age of 50. He suffered from kidney disease.

Who Was a Finalist for American Idol Season 21?

Iam Tongi was the winner while Megan Danielle was the American Idol 2023 runner-up.

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