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Herschel Walker Net Worth 2023: Biography, Salary, Income Per Month, Politics, Career

Herschel Walker is a well-known former American football player who played in the National Football League (NFL) for twelve seasons. Aside from being a well-known soccer player, Walker is involved in many business ventures and is also active in politics.

Walker was the Republican nominee for the 2022 US Senate election in Georgia.

He is also considered one of the richest athletes in the world and has an estimated net worth of $73 million. For full Herschel Walker Net Worth 2023 information and other interesting details about the footballer, read this article here.

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His net worth is expected to increase significantly over the next few years as a result of his business ventures and he will most likely win the upcoming Florida election.

Herschel Walker net worth 2023

Surname Herschel walker
Profession soccer player
Herschel Walker fortune $73 million (estimated)
Salary $3 million (estimated)
Monthly income $1 million (estimated)

Herschel Walker Biography

Herschel Walker was born on March 3, 1962 in Georgia to Willis and Christine Walker. He has six other siblings and the family raised their children in Georgia. As a child, Walker was overweight and stuttered. During his school days he started playing soccer, basketball and took part in athletic competitions. Herschel has received numerous awards at the school level for his exceptional achievements as an athlete.

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In 1983, Walker married his college sweetheart, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, and together they had a son, Christian Walker. Walker and Grossman divorced in 2002 after 19 years of marriage. He then remarried in 2021 to Julie Blanchard, who had been his fiancé since 2012.

Surname Herschel walker
Profession soccer player
Full name Herschel Junior Walker
active years 1983 – 1997
Old 60
Gender Masculine
birth date March 3, 1962
Marital status Married
Together Cindy DeAngelis Grossman (1983 – 2002) Julie Blanchard (2021 – present)
nationality American
Height 1.85 m
Parents Christine Walker (Mother) Willis Walker (Father)

Career Highlights of Herschel Walker

Here are the main highlights of Herschel Walker’s football career:

  1. Herschel began playing football at his school, Johnson County High School.
  2. He then played college football at the University of Georgia and won the Heisman Trophy as a junior.
  3. Walker’s professional career began with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL).
  4. After the USFL, Walker joined the National Football League (NFL) and began his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys.
  5. In 1989, Walker was traded to the Minnesota Vikings. This is considered one of the most uneven trades in NFL history.
  6. He then joined the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants before returning to the Dallas Cowboys, where he finished his career.

outside of football

In addition to soccer, Walker competed as a member of the United States bobsleigh team at the 1992 Winter Olympics. Walker also competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) fights. He also served as co-chair of the Presidential Council on Sport, Fitness and Nutrition under President Donald Trump.

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Walker launched his first political campaign in the 2022 Georgia Senate election, where he won the Republican nomination with 68% of the vote.

House, cars and other properties owned by Herschel Walker

With a net worth of $73 million, Herschel Walker is one of the richest soccer players in the world. He likes to live big and has quite a lot of wealth in the form of his real estate. He currently resides in this sprawling 10,500-square-foot Georgia home that he reportedly bought for $11 million. He spent an additional million renovating the home. In addition, Herschel owns more than 12 properties, 8 cars and 3 luxury yachts.

In 1984, Walker opened a D’Lites fast food restaurant in Athens, Georgia. In 1999 he founded Renaissance Man Food Services, which sells chicken products. He also has many other business ventures which contribute a large portion to his net worth. In addition, Herschel makes millions of dollars each year from brand endorsements and royalties.

Herschel Walker Awards and Honors

Walker has received many awards over the years for his outstanding achievements in football history. Some notable awards he has received are listed below.


  • 1985 Most Outstanding USFL Player


  • Two-time Pro Bowl selection


  • National Champion 1980
  • 1982 UPI College Football Player of the Year
  • Winner of the 1982 Heisman Trophy
  • College Football Hall of Fame (class of 1999)
  • Three-time unanimous All-American
  • Number 34 was retired by the Georgia Bulldogs


What is Herschel Walker’s net worth in 2023?

$73 million

How much does Herschel Walker make per year?

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13 million dollars

How did Herschel Walker become so rich?

A successful football career followed by successful business ventures made Herschel Walker a multi-millionaire.

Does Herschel Walker have an illness?

Herschel was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.

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