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Google Net Worth 2023 – Check out the amazing journey of the most popular search engine in the world.

Google is undoubtedly the most famous search engine in the world. Started in 1998, it has truly changed the way we use the Internet. Do you know Google is now a subsidiary of Alphabet? From search engines and email to cloud storage and productivity tools, it now offers a large number of services. This is the reason why Alphabet Inc. is considered one of the most valuable companies on the Earth.

With billions of users worldwide, Google’s Net Worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $1.651 Trillion. Please note that here we are talking about the net worth of Alphabet. So, by market capital, it is the 4th wealthiest company in the world after Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

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Google (Alphabet) At a Glance

Company Name Alphabet Inc (Google)
Founded 1998
Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin
CEO Sundar Pichai
Headquarters Mountain View, California, United States
Industry Technology, and Internet Services
Products Search Engine, Online Advertising, Cloud Computing, Hardware.
Net Worth $1.651 Trillion

Google Revenue and Income in 2023

As mentioned above in this post, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. By market cap, it has a net worth of more than $1.651 Trillion. In 2022 alone, Google generated a whopping $282.5 billion in revenue.

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This revenue is even more than the GDP of many countries. Do you know how Google makes all its money? We can say that a big chunk (around 86%) of Google’s income comes from the advertisements you see when you use Google’s search engine or visit websites

Companies around the world pay Google to show their ads to people who might like their products and services. When you click on these ads, the companies pay Google even more money. So, basically, Google gets paid for connecting advertisers with potential customers.

There are many other sources of income for Google. For example, it owns Android, the operating system used by most smartphones in the world. It generates huge revenue through app purchases and in-app advertisements. Let’s take a look at Google’s revenue breakdown as explained in the following table.

Sources of Income Total Revenue
Google Search & Other $162.45 Billion
YouTube Advertisement $29.24 Billion
Google Network Members $32.78 Billion
Google Cloud Services $26.28 Billion
Google Other $29 Billion
Other Bets $1 Billion.

Revenue Growth of Alphabet (Google)

Alphabet is one of the few companies that are constantly increasing their revenue. Check out the following table to understand the growth of Google in the past few years.

Year Revenue Net Income Total Asset
2016 $90,272 million $19,478 million 167,497 million
2017 $110,855 million $12,662 million 197,295 million
2018 $136,819 million $30,736 million 232,792 million
2019 $161,857 million $34,343 million 275,909 million
2020 $182,527 million $40,269 million 319,616 million
2021 $257,637 million $76,033 million 359,268 million
2022 $281,836 million $59,972 million 365,264 million

Journey of Google from 1998 to Present

In 1998, two computer scientists Larry Page, and Sergey Brin joined hands to create a search engine. They wanted to make such a search engine that would be more accurate and faster than others. This is when they created Google.

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Google was different from its predecessor because it was more reliable and used a unique algorithm called Page Rank. In years to come, Google continued to innovate and it expanded its services. It introduced new features like Gmail, Google Maps, Docs, Drives, etc.

In 2015, Google restructured itself. It formed a new parent company called Alphabet. This allowed Google to focus on its core search business while also exploring other ventures like pixel phone manufacturing, etc.

Today, Alphabet doesn’t mean just google, it is a technological giant. It has acquired numerous companies and developed innovative products and services. The influence of Google has extended beyond the Internet. It is now venturing into businesses like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technology, and more. Also Check Top 20 CEOs in the World

List of Companies Owned by Alphabet (Google) along with their heads

Here is the list of Subsidiaries of Alphabet along with their global heads.

Subsidiary of Alphabet Business Area Chairman
X Development Research and development for “moonshot” technologies Astro Teller
Google Internet Service, Largest Subsidiary and Prior Corporate Entity Name Sundar Pichai
CapitalG Private equity for growth stage technology companies David Lawee
Calico Human Health (By Overcoming Aging) Arthur D. Levinson
GV Venture Capital for Technology Companies David Krane
Google Fiber Internet Access via Fiber Dinesh Jain
Intrinsic Robotics Software Wendy Tan White
Verily Human Health Andrew Conrad
Wing Drone-Based Delivery of Freight James Ryan Burgess
Mineral Sustainable Agriculture Elliott Grant
Isomorphic Labs Drug Discovery Demis Hassabis
Waymo Autonomous Driving Dmitri Dolgov, Tekedra Mawakana

Number of Alphabet’s Employee

As Alphabet is growing, its number of employees is also increasing. The growth in the number of employees on the payroll of Alphabet is explained below.

  • 2016 – 72,053
  • 2017 – 80,110
  • 2018 – 98,771
  • 2019 – 118,899
  • 2020 – 135,301
  • 2021 – 156,500
  • 2022 – 190,234
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Companies Acquired by Alphabet (Google)

Google is also known for acquiring many companies. Check out the list below to know the top companies acquired by Google or Alphabet in the last two decades.

Name of the company Business Acquired In
Android Mobile Operating System 2005
Genius Labs Blogging 2003
YouTube Video Sharing 2006
Adscape In-game Advertising 2007
Fitbit Wearables 2021
AppSheet Mobile App Development 2020
Looker Big Data, Analytics 2019
Sigmoid Labs Indian Railways train tracking app Where is my Train 2018
Kaggle Data Science 2017
Urban Engines Location-Based Analytics 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 1: Has Google’s net worth been increasing over the years?

Answer: Yes, the net worth of Google has been steadily increasing.

Question – 2: How does Google generate its revenue?

Answer: The company generates its revenue from various sources including ads, cloud services, subscription-based services, etc.

Question – 3: When did Google launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Answer: August 19, 2004.

Question – 4: What was the market value of Google at IPO?

Answer: $23 Billion.

Question – 5: Is Google a rich company?

Answer: Yes, it is the fourth richest company in the world.

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