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Bill Cosby Net Worth 2023: Age, Parents, Salary, Biography, Career

William H. Cosby Jr., popularly known as Bill Cosby, has achieved legendary status in the entertainment industry that few have been able to match. His achievements span a span of five decades, during which he has won eight gold records, five platinum records and five Grammy Awards. Cosby caused quite a stir early in his career, spawning a string of hilarious hit comedy albums. Cosby has written hit films like Uptown Saturday Night and bestsellers like Fatherhood. The article offers interesting details about the comedian like Bill Cosby Net Worth in 2023, Biography, Lesser Known Facts and many more.

Bill Cosby Net Worth in 2023

Surname Bill Cosby
Profession Actor
Bill Cosby Net Worth (2023) 400 million dollars
Bill Cosby’s annual salary $26 million
Bill Cosby monthly salary 2 million dollars

Bill Cosby Biography

Full name William Henry Cosby Jr.
Profession Comedian, actor, media personality
AVERAGE Stand-up comedy, film, television
genres Observational comedy, satire, surreal humor, tongue in cheek
active years 1961 – today
Age of Bill Cosby 85 years old
Gender Masculine
Bill Cosby date of birth July 12, 1937
Marital status Married
Wife of Bill Cosby Camille Cosby (1964–present)
Number of Children 5
nationality American
Bill Cosby greatness 1.83 m
Bill Cosby parents Anna Pearl (mother) William Henry Cosby Sr. (father)

Bill Cosby personal life

William Cosby was born on July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Anna Pearl and William Henry Cosby Sr. His father was a cashier in the United States Navy and his mother was a maid. At school, Cosby was class president and captain of the baseball and track teams. His teachers noted his tendency to joke, and Cosby was often described as the class clown. Cosby also appeared in school plays and remained involved in sports.

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Cosby has been married to producer and philanthropist Camille Hanks since 1964 and the couple have five children – a son and four daughters. Her only son was murdered while changing tires off Interstate 405 in Los Angeles in 1997 and a daughter died of kidney disease in 2018 while awaiting a kidney transplant.

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Early Career – Stand-up comedy and television

Cosby began his career as a stand-up comedian in clubs in Philadelphia and later, in early 1961, moved to New York, where he performed at the Gaslight Cafe. He quickly became popular by performing in cities like Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Bill rose to national prominence in 1963 when he appeared on the NBC series The Tonight Show. Cosby performed his first stand-up special, Bill Cosby: Far from Finished, on Comedy Central in 2013, 30 years into his career. The following year, Cosby was scheduled to release his new stand-up special, Bill Cosby 77, on Netflix, but the release was canceled due to sexual assault allegations against Cosby. His last stand-up performance was in 2018 before his sentencing at the LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia.

Bill Cosby Stand Up Albums

Bill Cosby had produced many successful comedy albums throughout his acting career. Check out these popular stand-up albums Bill Cosby has made over the years.

album Publishing year
Bill Cosby is a very funny guy… That’s right! 1963
I started as a kid 1964
Why is there air? 1965
Wonder 1966
Revenge 1967
To Russell, my brother, who I slept with 1968
miles per hour 1968
This is true! This is true! 1969
8:15 12:15 1969
Sports 1969
Live: Madison Square Garden Center 1970
When I was little 1971
For adults only 1971
In the mind of Bill Cosby 1972
Fat Albert 1973
My father confused me… What should I do? What should I do? 1977
Bill’s best friend 1978
Those of you with or without children will understand 1986
O baby! 1991
Not finished yet… 2013

Awards and honors on behalf of Cosby

For his contribution to the entertainment industry, Cosby has received five Primetime Emmy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, two Daytime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award in 2003, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1977. Cosby’s numerous awards and honors were revoked due to sexual assault allegations against him.

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Interesting facts about Bill Cosby

Check out some lesser-known facts about artist Bill Cosby:

  1. Cosby is the first black artist to win an Emmy Award.
  2. He is one of the bestselling authors.
  3. Cosby broke Radio City’s 53-year attendance record with his concert appearance (1986).
  4. Cosby named each of his children with the letter E, where E stands for Excellence.
  5. His wife Camille Hanks is related to Tom Hanks. She shares lineage with Abraham Lincoln through Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks.
  6. Cosby sang on several albums in the 1970s.
  7. He was the first artist to win an Emmy Award, the Spingarn Medal, and the Mark Twain Prize.


What is Bill Cosby’s net worth in 2023?

400 million dollars

How Much Money Did The Cosby Show Make?

The Cosby Show had generated $2.5 billion in television revenue, including $1 billion from television advertising and $1.5 billion from syndication.

How old is Bill Cosby?

85 years old

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