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Beth Moore’s Life and Legacy, Check out Her Books, Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Children, and More 

Beth Moore is a world-renowned author and Bible teacher. She has a net worth of $10 million and is the founder of Living Proof Ministries. She has written numerous book publications and Bible studies and has a large following of devoted fans.

Moore’s Bio is full of interesting facts including his struggles with depression and sexual abuse. She is a powerful speaker and her ministry reaches millions each year. Moore is making headlines these days for her latest book, All My Knotted-up Life: A Memoir. In this book, she reveals the name of the perpetrator who abused her in her childhood.

Do you know who Beth Moore is – a brief introduction

If you like Bible studies and spirituality, you might not need an introduction to Beth Moore. She is known for writing books that focus on understanding the scriptures and applying their teachings to everyday life.

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His organization, Living Proof Ministers, organizes dozens of conferences across the United States each year. It spreads the teachings of the Bible throughout the country.

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Full name Wanda Elizabeth Green
birth date June 16, 1957
Profession Bible author and teacher
Known for Foundation of Living Proof Ministries
nationality American
active years 1978 to present

Surprising Facts About Beth Moore’s Net Worth in 2023

Beth Moore’s estimated net worth is around $10 million. She is the proud owner of four stunning properties – two 45-acre homes, a ranch and her beautiful current home. Moore also owns a boat. Although she doesn’t own a private jet, she can use one donated by LifeWay.

Most of Beth Moore’s net worth in 2023 can be attributed to her bestselling books. Some of his famous books have made him millions of dollars. She also takes care of many other businesses. It’s true that Beth Moore’s salary is subject to change, but one thing is for sure, she’s doing great!

Biography – Early Life and Education

Beth Moore was born on June 16, 1957 in the small town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was the fourth of five children born to Owen and Ellen Green. Her father owned a movie theater and her mother, Ellen Green, was a homemaker.

During her childhood, Moore spent most of her time at the Southern Baptist Church. This church was a safe place for her because it was the only place she could escape sexual abuse.

A gifted student, Moore was accepted to Southwest Texas State University at an early age. She has a degree in political science from this university.

Surname Wanda Elizabeth Green
Old 65 years
Gender Women
religion Christianity
Place of birth Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
citizenship UNITED STATES
Star sign Twins
Siblings 4
The Name of the Father Owen Green
name of the mother Ellen Green
Marital status Married
husband’s name Keith Moore
Children 2 girls
girl name Amanda Moore and Melissa Moore
Training Diploma in Political Science
University Texas Southwest State University
Height 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
lester 55 kg (121 pounds)
eye color Brown
Hair color Blond

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Inspirational journey in ministry

At the age of 18, Beth Moore made a lifelong commitment to Christian Vocations ministry. Moore realizes she needs to learn more about the Bible while volunteering as a Sunday School teacher.

She took a course in Bible teaching, which made her want to learn more about the Bible. She then began teaching a Bible class once a week.

In 1994, Broadman & Holman, later B&H, began publishing its Bible Studies. She hosted a simulcast of “Living Proof Live” in 2008 that was seen by 70,000 people in 715 locations. She then wrote several books on Bible studies. She has been instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of people around the world

husband and children

Beth has been married to Keith Moore since 1978. Like Beth, Keith comes from a strict Catholic family. Professionally, he works in the sanitary sector. In 2021, Beth and her Keith Moore attended a Church of England congregation in North America in Spring, Texas.

Moore is blessed with two daughters namely Amanda and Melissa Moore. Both work alongside Curtis Jones (Beth Moore’s son-in-law) with her mother at Living Proof Ministries.

Fight against depression and sexual abuse

Moore was sexually abused in her home as a child. After the #MeToo movement, she became involved with victims of sexual abuse. She shared her story in her local newspaper, which detailed 700 cases of sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convection.

She also listened to the stories of other rape victims and called on the church to investigate the crime and cover-ups. In addition, Beth Moore has harshly criticized male church leaders for dismissing allegations of sexual abuse and objectifying women.

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Top Books and Bible Studies

Beth Moore is the author of several books, including several bestsellers. His Bible Studies have sold over a million copies worldwide and have been translated into many languages. Some of his major works are listed in the table below.

Books Audio or video series Bible Studies
When pious people do ungodly things who will you trust Life is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul
Get out of this abyss Songs of Liberation Living Beyond Self: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit
believe god Fully Alive: Audio/Video Series starring Beth Moore, James and Betty Robison break free
So long insecurity: you were a bad friend to us Jesus: the only one
Get Out of This Pit: Speak Openly About God’s Deliverance When godly people do ungodly things: arm yourself for the age of deception
The Defeat of Saint Silvain The Beloved Disciple: Follow John to the heart of Jesus
believe god
The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Daniel: Living with integrity, words of prophecy
Esther: It’s hard to be a woman
Children of the Day: 1 and 2 Thessalonians
The quest: an excursion into intimacy with God

Political Opinions and the Struggle for Justice

It’s fair to say that in recent years Beth Moore has been outspoken on issues such as racism, sexual abuse and the role of women in the church.

She has also spoken out against the Trump administration’s rhetoric and actions, particularly regarding the treatment of women and minorities. She also emphasizes the importance of praying for our leaders despite our political differences.

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In general, it is fair to say that Beth Moore’s political views are primarily influenced by her Christian faith and not by any political ideology.

Beth Moore social media accounts

  • Instagram
  • twitter
  • Facebook –

frequently asked Questions

Beth Moore did how many Bible studies?


What version of the Bible does Beth Moore use?

ESV Study Bible

Who Sexually Abused Beth Moore?

his father

How can I contact Beth Moore?

You can contact them through the Living Proof Ministries website ie

We have done our best to offer accurate information. However, if you feel any details are incorrect, please let us know through the comments section.

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