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Amarjeet Jaikar Net Worth, Know Salary, Income, Songs, Village, Family, Age, Girl Friend of Viral Singer from Bihar

Amarjeet Jaikar 2023 net worth is 2 lakhs rupees or US$2.5,000. He is a young singer from Bihar who has become an internet sensation lately. The boy has been singing since childhood and has honed his skills over the years. His talent is now recognized by millions of people around the world.

Recently, Amarjeet’s singing has gone viral on social media platforms and it has received a lot of attention from people all over the world.

Her voice has been praised by many people including Himesh Reshamiya and Sonu Sood. He has been featured in several interviews and press articles. An inspiration to many young singers, Amarjeet proves that hard work and dedication can take you to great heights. He is a true example of what can be achieved when you have a passion for music.

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Amarjeet Jaikar sonu sood

Meet Amarjeet Jaikar – the viral singer from Bihar (who is called Amarjeet Jaikar)

Amarjeet Jaikar, an 18-year-old singer from Bihar, has become an overnight social media sensation. Her melodious voice and soulful interpretation of popular songs have won her fans across India, including many Bollywood stars.

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Amarjeet comes from a small village and started singing at the age of 10. He was inspired by the music of famous singers such as Jubin Nautiyal and Arijit Singh.

Recently, Amarjeet’s videos went viral on social media and he was praised by Sonu Sood and Himesh Reshamiya. Sonu Sood even shared Amarjeet’s video on his Twitter account, praising his talent. Himesh Reshamiya also enjoyed Amarjeet’s singing and said he has a bright future ahead of him. Himesh also offered him a singing contract for his show Himesh Ke Dil Se.

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Amarjeet Jaikar Net Worth and Salary

Amarjeet Jaikar’s salary and earnings are not publicly known. It is true that he comes from a very poor family in Bihar State. According to various sources on the internet, Amarjeet Jaikar’s monthly salary is 10,000 rupees.

Although his income is currently low, he has a bright future ahead of him. He has already worked with top Bollywood stars. Currently, Amajeet Jaikar’s net worth is around Rs.2,000,000.

Nitu Chandra’s debut video caught Sonu Sood’s attention and he offered Amarjeet the opportunity to sing in his film Fateh. In addition, Himesh Reshammiya offered her the opportunity to sing a song on her album entitled Teri Ashhiqui Ne Maara 2.0. We can say that Amarjeet’s net worth is definitely going to increase in the coming months.

Full name Amarjeet Jaikar
nickname Amar
nationality Indian
net worth ₹2,000
Monthly income ₹10,000
annual sales ₹1.20.000

Biography of Amarjeet Jaikar (Wiki/Bio/Info)

Amarjeet Jaikar was born in 2005 in Samastipur district of Bihar. From a young age he was interested in singing. He trained with a local musician who lived near his home in Samastipur. A video of Amarjeet Jaikar’s home visit is available on Youtube. In this video we can see that his lifestyle is very poor.

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Not much is known about his educational background. However, it is true that he completed his early education at a public school in Samastipur. He is currently doing his first BA year in Bihar.

Surname Amarjeet Jaikar
Year of birth 2005
Old 18 years old
Place of birth Samastipur, Bihar
current location Samastipur, Bihar
Profession Singer and Youtuber
Marital status Bachelor
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
lester 58kg
Skin color Brown
eye color Black
Hair color Black
Barber medium length hair
Training BA 1st year
School Public School Samastipur
Star sign R.A.M.
caste Thakur (OBC)
religion Hinduism

Life story and viral videos

On February 21, 2003, Amarjeet Jaikar’s song went viral. First, actress Neetu shared Chandra Amarjeet’s video and wrote: “Who is he, give me his number?”. After that, Sonu Sood also tweeted “Ek Bihari Sau Pe Bhari”.

At the same time, Sonu Nigam also tweeted the video for Amarjeet’s song. On February 22, invitations from big stars arrived in Amarjeet. Then came the invitation from Sonu Sood. Meanwhile, he promised Amarjeet that he would give her a chance to sing in his film.

Amarjeet arrived in Mumbai on February 27 at the invitation of Sonu Sood. He announced this information via Twitter. Jayakar wrote, “Because I enjoy a little recognition across India, that reason is your sonu sood, sir.”

village and family

The village name of Amarjeet Jaikar is Shahpur Patori Bhabhua. This village is located in the Samastipur district and is about 64 kilometers from Patna.

Not much is known about Amarjeet’s family members. The only publicly available information is that his father’s name is Rohit Jaikar and his mother’s name is Baby Devi.

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Girlfriend and fight against depression

During a conversation with a private broadcaster, Amarjeet provides information about his love story. He had fallen into a depression some time ago. During this time only his girlfriend supported him and got him out of the depression.

Amarjeet said he befriended this girl from Assam through Facebook. The conversation between the two quickly became love. Amarjeet’s girlfriend gave him a guitar, which he used to practice singing.

Social Media Accounts

Youtube channel

frequently asked Questions

What is Amarjeet Jaikar’s first viral song?

“Dil De Diya” from the film is Amarjeet Jaikar’s first viral song.

What is the name of Amarjeet Jaikar’s song in Himesh Reshamiya’s album?

Teri Ashhiqui Ne Maara 2.0

What is Amarjeet Jaikar’s email address?

Amarjeet Jaikar’s email address is [email protected]

What was Amarjeet Jaikar’s first job?

Before going viral, Amarjeet worked part-time as a laborer and waiter.

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