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Akshata Rakshe Net Worth 2023 – Know Taj Miss India Winner and the model with a bright future

Akshata Rakshe is the winner of the Taj Miss India 2023 pageant. She is new to the fashion industry and her exact net worth is unknown. However, according to rough estimates, Akshata Rakshe’s net worth in 2023 is US$200,000 or Rs.1.7 billion. But she’s ready to make a big name for herself in the fashion and film industries.

TV actress Dhanashri Bhalekar, who sat on the jury of Taj Miss & Mrs India beauty pageant, praises Rakshe. Many fans admire her dark hair and bright makeup, even comparing her to the world star Kendall Jenner.

Akshata is an inspiration for all young girls who want to pursue their dreams and make their mark in the modeling industry.

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Akshata Rakshe

Akshata Rakshe’s net worth in 2023

Although not very famous today, Akshata has already made an amazing start. Now she wants to conquer the modeling world with her unique style. According to rough estimates, we can say that Akshata Rakshe’s net worth in 2023 is Rs 1.7 billion. ($200,000). Check out the table below to find out who Akshata Rakshe is.

Full name Akshata Rakshe
Famous for Taj Miss & Mrs India 2023
nationality Indian
Place of birth Bombay
Net Worth in Rupees Rs. 1.7 crore

Current profits and a bright future

Although Akshata is on her way to become a successful model and actress, she is not earning much so far. However, she has a bright future ahead of her.

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You can see her as one of the models on the covers of leading Indian fashion magazines. All these works will be very lucrative for them.

She has an incredible interest in fashion, so she might consider signing up with a modeling agency. There are rumors that many agencies are already trying to get in touch with her for their projects.

We also expect to see her in various commercial works such as ads and brand mentions. You can also watch her at work in various web series and movies.

biography – Graduate of Science to Mannequin

Akshata was born in Mumbai, India. Even at the fashion event, she said she was a true Mumbaikar. From a young age she was interested in various fields including reading, music and dreamy skies.

As for her education, she completed her MSc at MGM Institute of Health Science Navi Mumbai. According to Akshata, she was known for her reserved nature and never talked too much. This made it difficult for her to become a successful model.

However, she is an amazing person with a beautiful soul and managed to transcend it and become one of them most successful models.

Before becoming Taj Miss India, Akshata Rakshe was the runner-up at Star Miss Maharashtra 2023.

Surname Akshata Rakshe
Born Dadar, Mumbai
Condition Maharashtra
Training Masters in Sciences
University MGM Health Institute
Profession Model
Siblings 1 older brother
brother’s name mitesh
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
lester 60 kilograms
Hair color dark brown
eye color Brown
Marital status Bachelor
sexual orientation To the right
relationship status Only
Famous for Winner of Taj Miss India 2023

Inspirational journey from fat to fitness

Akshata’s journey to the Taj Miss India title was not a struggle or obstacles. She was overweight and lacked self-confidence. At the cover event, she shared her journey, saying:

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“The lockdown imposed by the pandemic hit me hard. My self-esteem and self-confidence were very low. I started underestimating myself. And with the start of the new year I decided to get back on my feet and the first step was to go from fat to fit. During this journey I lost a good 13 kg and it became a turning point in my life.

Rakshe is a real inspiration for girls who suffer from anxiety because of their weight. You can achieve anything if you have the courage and the will

Akshata Rakshe social media account

You can follow Akshata on Instagram. His Instagram name is “@theakshatarakshe”. She is not well known on the platform and has only 265 followers as of February 2023. We expect her follower count to increase in the near future. Finally, it could also be associated with brands.

Life changing events at Taj Miss India 2023

In the grand final of Taj Miss & Mrs India 2023, Akshata Rakshe was declared the winner of Taj Miss India 2023. The ceremony took place at the Sadanand Regency Hotel at the Balewadi in Pune. Natasha Sadaphal was the first runner-up and Isha was the second runner-up.

40 finalists fought for the title. The competition’s judging panel included personalities from various fields, including TV actor Dhanashri Bhalekar, actor, screenwriter and director Chetan Chavada, Miss India 2018 Pia Roy and Dr. Sagar Abichandani from The Dental Hub.

Akshata caught the jury’s attention with her charm,pretty faceand perseverance.

Akshata Rakshe’s motto for success

During the competition, a jury member asked what his motto for success was, to which Akshata Rakshe gave a very interesting answer. She said her motto is “Gratitude is the best attitude”

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frequently asked Questions

Is Akshata Rakshe very rich?

No, she is not very rich at the moment. But she is an aspiring model who will become rich in the future.

Why is Akshata Rakshe famous?

She is the winner of the Taj Miss India 2023 and runner up of the Miss Maharashtra 2023 start.

What is the most inspirational thing about Akshata Rakshe?

She lost 13 kg to become a model.

Is Akshata Rakshe Married?

No, she is not married.

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